More and more contractors, councils and other commercial mowing personnel are switching to stand on mowers instead of the more common ride on mowers. We asked Lincoln Stead, Australian BOB-CAT expert, about the benefits. This is his big 4:

  1. Mow tight spots efficiently

Nimble and compact, stand on machines like the BOB-CAT Mowers QuickCat are maneuverable and fast around tight spots with obstacles, e.g. kerbside mowing around footpaths and trees; even tight environments like a cemetery. The 36” QuickCat fits into places you never thought possible, limiting the need for a push mower.

  1. Save your back

A stand on machine with radial-bearing suspension flip down foot plate and padded knee rest means the operator’s back is not taking the brunt of the jolting experienced with a sit on machine. Ideal for anyone with a bad back, or employers with concerns about their employees health due to prolonged periods of ride on mowing.

  1. Better mowing view

Instead of looking out from the seated position on a ride on mower, a stand on machine gives you a birds eye view of the mowing deck and lawn, instead of looking out past where the mowing action is taking place! Be more efficient by getting closer to obstacles and cutting more accurately due to a better viewing aspect.

  1. Fits in your van / ute

A very compact machine compared to it’s ride on cousins, a stand on machine is ideal where space is a constraint! Fits into vans and on the back of utes without the need of towing large trailers etc. Takes up less storage place in the shed, too!

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