BOB-CAT Mowers Shout Out

Who Wants a Free BOB-CAT™ Mowers Shout Out for their Business ?

BOB-CAT™ Mowers want to start a  new Facebook segment called the “BOB-CAT Mower Shout Out” #BOBCATMowerShoutOut.

We invite you to send us through a picture with your BOB-CAT Mower leaving a beautifully cut finished lawn or video of using your BOB-CAT Mower in action on either your toughest job or best manicured job, especially a striped lawn. We will share your video on the BOB-CAT Facebook page with your business name and contact details. This is a great way to promote your business with a #BOBCATMowerShoutOut of your business using our BOB-CAT™ Mowers in action.

For us to post your video or photo using your BOB-CAT™ Mower it needs to be clean in nature and non offensive any form. For you to win the chance of further promotion, we want :

1.  To celebrate your success – Post a video of your BOB-CAT™ Mower or photo of a beautifully finished cut lawn with your BOB-CAT™ Mower and also a photo of your business name and logo and contact details and the area you service on our BOB-CAT™ Mowers Facebook Page. You can enter as many videos and photos of you using your BOB-CAT™ Mower(s) as you like.

2.  #BOBCATMowersShoutOut – Make sure you include the hashtag, #BOBCATMowersShoutOut, in your post.

3.  Share the shout out with your peers, friends and family – We want you to make the most of this opportunity by sharing your post and asking people to “Like Us” on Facebook as well as liking your post and sharing your post.  The more people who like us as well as yourself, the more people will get to see your business name and details.

4.  BONUS – Each month, the video or photo with the most likes and views will be chosen for a Facebook Boosted promotion on the BOB-CAT™ Facebook page.  If you really want to increase the number of likes on your post, you can run a Facebook Boosted Promotion on your shared video or photo using the BOB-CAT™ Mower on our BOB-CAT™ Facebook Page to help drive attention to it and therefore increase your chances of having the highest number of likes and shares.  The contractor/mowing business with the highest likes and shares, will be determined the winner for that month and we will do a further boosted promotion on your mowing business.  What an awesome way to promote your business using a BOB-CAT™ Mower!


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