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How do I find my local Bobcat dealer?

To locate a dealer near you, please use our dealer locator online at https://www.bobcatmowers.com.au/find-dealer/ or call us on 1800 088 567.

What should I do before I start the mower?

Please read the operator’s manual prior to use. Review as needed for any further advice.

  • 1. Remove debris from the area you are mowing.
  • 2. Check the oil level.
  • 3. Use fresh fuel.
  • 4. Follow all safety recommendations.
How do I clean my mower?

When cleaning your mower always wear eye protection (to protect your eyes from material that may dislodge.
Wash all grass clippings and dust off the machine, make sure the machine dries completely to avoid rusting.

When do I need to sharpen or replace the blades?

Blades should be checked after each tank of fuel is used for nicks, damage, or dull edges. If the blades are sharp wrap the blades or wear gloves and use extra caution when checking them.

Use caution and review your operator’s manual for specific details before replacing blades (new blades are pre-sharpened).

Is there a bagger attachment avaliable for my mower?

There are several different options for catching and bagging grass clippings check out our attachments  to see the different options. You can also contact your authorized service dealer or give us a call on 1800 088 567

Where can I find parts and part numbers?

Owner’s manuals, parts breakdowns and service books are available when you purchase your machine, if you need another copy please contact your authorized service dealer for an electronic or hard copy (you will need to quote the serial number for your machine)

Bobcat Mower spare parts are retailed through a nationwide network of dealers. To purchase parts, please contact your closest authorized service dealer.

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