Winter Browns

Coming out of Winter, your lawn still most likely has some brown in colour, or if you have some types of Buffalo Grass, your lawn could look almost like sand in colour with almost no green at all.

Why is this so?

Winter brings on dormancy for a wide variety of plants and animals. The state of dormancy for your lawn will depend on where you live in Australia. Dormancy leaves the lawn going into a self defense mode to stay alive and the lawn won’t be getting as much sun and food as in the spring and summer months, hence the brownish tinge or colour.

What’s the Remedy?

Even though the weather has been mild regarding sun exposure, the lawn can still be dry. If you can dig a section of the lawn and look at the soil approximately 10cm below grass and if you see dry soil then you need to start boosting your watering regime. But before you start watering, you may wish to apply some fertilizer, food for the lawn. In terms of fertilizer, choose one with a higher concentrate of phosphorous and nitrogen for the spring and summer seasons. If it is higher in iron than the phosphorous and nitrogen this is designed for the winter months, so don’t use this one. Use a fertilizer for spring and summer with higher phosphorous and nitrogen levels. Ask your local garden store for assistance when choosing a fertilizer if it seems a little confusing.

Once you have chosen your fertilizer, apply it to your lawn as per directions. If the fertilizer is water based, follow the application procedure as per instructions. If the fertilizer is a pellet, generally speaking it’s a good idea to wet the lawn first, in the time zones when permitted in your local council area, and then spread out the fertilizer as per instructions by the manufacturer. Once you have applied the pellet fertilizer, then water the lawn for 30-45 minutes or as per council restrictions. Watering helps to break down the fertilizer pellets and watering will need to take place perhaps 3 times a week or less depending on rainfall in your area.

As the sun kicks back in for warmer sunny days, the grass will wake out of its dormant state and will be ‘hungry’ so to speak. Having fertilizer applied to the lawn is like having access to a good feed after a hard days work, it is well received and kicks start the healthy green lawn.

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