Approved Contractor

SME Mowers (parent company of the Bobcat Mowers Australia brand) is now an approved Supplier on Local Buy Procurement!

This means that all brands distributed by SME Mowers can be purchased by councils & government departments in QLD and NT without going through the tender process.

Local Buy focuses on creating procurement efficiencies and building procurement expertise, saving councils significantly in time and dollars.

Local Government Act 2009 (Qld) and Local Government Regulation 2012 (Qld)

Section 234 – Exception for LGA Arrangement provides for local governments to enter into medium ($15K-$200K) and large (>$200K) sized contract arrangements, without the normal requirement for written quote or tender if using a Local Buy arrangement.

All purchasers must state the Local Buy Contract No when issuing Request for quotes (RFQs) or Purchase orders (POs) requesting quotes to confirm use of the Local Buy arrangement.

Bobcat Mowers and Local Buy

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