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When it comes to mowing your lawn, everyone has a different opinion. Some experts state that the time of day does not matter. While other people state certain times are key to getting the perfect coverage. While it can be hard to determine if there is a best time, you need to know what each time of day has to offer.So if you’re ready to create a perfect and pristine lawn, here’s everything you need to know.Or, if you’re ready to browse quality and affordable mowers, check out the Bob-Cat range right here!

The Early Morning…

Out of all the times of day to mow your lawn, the early morning is probably the worst. Morning dew will still be clinging to the grass blades.This will make it harder for your mower to do its job and result in poorly cut grass. When you mow at this time of day, there is a greater chance of tearing the grass which creates the perfect entry point for fungus and disease.

Mid Morning…

Most gardening professionals state that mid-morning is the best time to mow your lawn. This is due to your grass needing time to heal from the cutting before evening comes. Your grass will benefit from this healing time and it will have the time to dry before nightfall.Mowing in the mid-morning will also stop the grass being cut when it is too hot which results in burning. Mowing before the heat sets in means your lawn will look better and the cuts will be done properly.Lastly, if you have the option of mowing at this time, remember that it’s also a great way to work exercise in during the day. The pain-relief experts at Extreme Brown recommend mowing before it gets too hot because heat can trigger arthritis pain for those who have it. “For your safety, do some stretches before mowing the lawn. Take frequent breaks so you don’t strain your joints and keep your pain reliever handy while you work. ”


While it is safe to mow your lawn at midday, it is not recommended. Not only will you be out working in the heat of the day, but the lawn will also become stressed. However, if you are not cutting more than the top third of the grass, you should be able to do this at midday.According to the team at Wayne’s Landscaping, “if you have fallen behind on your mowing and need to cut more than the top third, you should avoid midday. You will run the risk of burning your lawn when you mow it at midday.”

The Afternoon…

After mid-morning, the afternoon is the second-best time to mow your lawn. You will not have the risk of burning your lawn at this time and there will be no chance of dew. If you cannot mow in the mid-morning, you should wait for the afternoon.

The Evening…

Mowing your lawn late in the day is almost as bad as mowing it too early in the morning. As night settles in, the dew will come and this can cause problems. Freshly cut grass will be exposed at this time to the day to fungal infections and other diseases.

BONUS TIP – Never Mow With Dull Blades

While choosing the right time of day to mow your lawn is important, there is another mistake that you should avoid at all costs. This is mowing with dull blades. Sharp blades are important regardless of the time of day and you need to ensure that your mower has sharp blades.According to maintenance experts at Driveway Doctor, “some fungal infections can spread to surrounding areas, like your driveway. High pressure cleaning can drive away fungus growth, but it’s always better to keep it tidy by mowing your lawn the right way.”This might not seem too important before dull blades will cut the grass. However, the cuts will not be clean and this will lead to tearing of the grass blades. When your grass is torn apart. It will be at greater risk of disease and fungal infections.Worried about your blades? Bob-Cat Mowers can survive the most challenging terrain. Looking to purchase a lawn mower that creates the perfect lawn, no matter what time of day you get mowing? Chat to the Bob-Cat Mowers team to find a model and a price that’s right for you!

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