BOB-CAT range that makes residential mowing chores a breeze.

Large Residential / Light Commercial

More professional, heavy-duty and robust mowing equipment.


Designed and manufactured to out-cut and outlast all other riding mowers.

Large Commercial / Government

The best in time saving functionality, longevity and performance.

Welcome to BOB-CAT Mowers

When you purchase a BOB-CAT ® ride-on zero turn mower, you count on it to get the job done; leaving you with beautifully cut grass. With each ride-on zero turn and quick stand mower we make, we strive to provide the best in quality of cut grass, durability, and ease of ownership.

And, that means combining innovative technology, quality materials, expert design, and a fierce desire to be the best. The result is a product you can trust when it matters most.



A ride-on mower can’t cut grass while it’s stuck in a service bay.

That’s why every product we make is designed and built for unmatched durability. American ingenuity, craftsmanship and hard work make sure your new BOB-CAT® can take whatever you can dish out.


Quality of Cut

We ensure a professional quality of cut, because it’s all about the performance.

With 18,000 rpm blades, Extreme Discharge chutes and patented Double-Wave baffles, nothing lifts grass up, cuts it down and throws it out like a BOB-CAT.


Ease of Ownership

We pride ourselves on simple ease of ownership.

Designed for convenient access to internal components, common parts between models and intuitive control systems, BOB-CAT® ride-on mowers are engineered user-friendly maintenance and operation. Plus, industry leading financing packages and warranties make it easier than ever to give your customers the best cut possible.

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